Regina "Reggie" Lemaire Costa (she/her) is a French Brazilian artist. She has lived in Paris and London before recently calling western Canada home.

A natural storyteller, Reggie's artistic journey is marked by a profound exploration of memory, identity, and queer narratives. Her chosen mediums of film photography and video serve as windows into her soul, capturing moments imbued with a certain nostalgia, evoking feelings of longing. Deeply sensitive and intuitive, Reggie's work embodies memories, tells stories, imparts lessons learned, and immortalizes moments in time.

Her penchant for film photography stems from its "less is more" ethos. It's in this intentional restraint that Reggie finds liberation, allowing her to distill complex narratives into carefully considered frames.

Her multicultural upbringing and diverse life experiences enrich Reggie's art, infusing it with a depth and richness that invites viewers to contemplate their own identities and narratives.

(Self-portrait by Regina Lemaire Costa | Words by Anne Carson, The Glass Essay)


reglemairecosta [at] gmail [dot] com

Calgary, AB, Canada

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